PEI provides both direct equity investments and mortgage financing, including bridge or mezzanine loans for qualified assets.

PEI will either directly invest its own capital into the acquisition, development and/or re-positioning of qualified assets; or invest through limited partnerships or other structures, with qualified third party sponsors.

PEI can perform and close a transaction quickly in order to facilitate and enhance returns.

PEI can add to increased asset value through its experience utilizing a variety of different government financing programs, e.g. TIFF, Sales Tax Reimbursements, Tax Credits, etc.

PEI’s preferred investment range is $1,000,000 –  $25,000,000 (US) per transaction; however PEI will review and can fund, qualified asset investments, in excess of the preferred range.

PEI can close a transaction all cash; however leverage in the 50% to 60% range is preferred.

PEI prefers value added or distressed investment opportunities, however for qualified assets, PEI will consider investment in assets with projected returns above “Core”, but less than a typical projected “Value Added” return.