PEI is not an investment bank, investment fund or mortgage broker.  PEI invests its own private capital, to complete its transactions.  Due to the extensive contacts and experience of its principals, PEI can provide a more flexible and creative asset investment strategy.   Because PEI does not have to obtain third party capital commitments, PEI can also close a transaction in a shorter period of time, in many cases providing a pricing advantage at closing.  PEI’s goal is to create an investment structure that allows an asset to yield the highest anticipated returns.  At PEI, the asset and the investment structure drive the deal, not the type of use or geographic location of the asset.

PEI is currently seeking either direct investment opportunities, or to sponsor third party investment relationships, in the following primary use classifications:

•    Retail
•    Office
•    Industrial
•    Flex/Tech/Medical
•    Multifamily Family Residential
•    Hotel/Hospitality
•    Entertainment
•    Land Investment and Land development
•    Storage
•    Mixed use